Parsifal, “Still Alive”: Jamming with the best

Melodic techno“, what is that? I guess some would claim this track here is an example of that. The distributor tags it “techno”. But this is house, damn it! And so are all the other “melodic techno” tracks. “Melodic techno”… Pffft. A contradiction.

Anyway. Rant off. Here’s a track that’s clearly flirting with the techy side of house, and a really good jam it is too. Cause that’s what it sounds like, an electronic jam session. I don’t know about you but I get the mental image of a nerdy guy standing over his Eurorack turning knobs and bobbing head, totally lost in his music. Lovely. Please let it be true. 🙂

Kind of reminds me a little bit about one of the greatest house tracks released last year, Four Tets remix of Opal (Bicep).

… Just deeper. And darker. And less melodic. Actually, now that I think about it.. It’s nothing like Opal. 😀

But it’s good! It’s all in the details. Repetitive, sure, but all thanks to the various filters and little details along the way, delicately sprinkled to give us an almost organic experience and because the hook itself is just so darn catchy, it doesn’t become repetitious. Just groovy. So perfect.

This track went straight into our playlist “It’s House Music!” where we collect the best house tracks we come across on this blog. That’s where this release belongs.

You are of course totally welcome to follow it and watch it grow with new great house music as we discover them! Please do. It motivates us. And hopefully you too. We can never get enough house music!