Phlox, “Farewell”: A formula that works

Heavenly synth strings. Windy pads. Quiet beat. Lazy, deep bass. Windbell sounds. El-piano. Yeah, the cliches are stacked in this track.

Still, there’s something about this track that made me stop. Maybe it simply is that it’s just so very well made. Well mixed, well arranged, it does what it does very well. But what it does… We’ve heard it before, haven’t we?

Yes, yes we have. And Phlox floats on all that. He follows the formula, but he does it well.

That’s really the only difference between a mediocre and a good producer. It’s not really about being so damn creative or so damn unique. Not really. You need to be good at what you do. Uniqueness will only take you so far. It’s a bonus, it’s what takes you from good to spectacular, but without doing that unique stuff really really good, you’re destined to stay in the studio honing your skills.

And this track here, well, I’d totally play it at any credible lounge or beach club. Because it’s good at what it does.

We need to head to the Netherlands to find mr Phlox, a fellow who claims he “loves down-tempo, future garage and ambient music”. And that’s it from him. In other words, not much to feed hungry bloggers craving for info.

And I’d like to use this opportunity to call out to all you producers out there, who are operating without labels to handle the promotional work for you: Spend some time on your bios, being it on Spotify, Itunes, in your submissions to media, et cetera. When the moment comes where a media person wants to cover your stuff, be prepared. Have it easily available where they seek.

Read other bios by established artists. You find them for example on Spotify artist pages. Notice the focus, their informational value. Give stuff that people can quote. They love that. Give them something to write about!

This track proudly sits in our Spotify playlist “The Calm Lounge” along with other great chillout and lounge music.

May we suggest that you too follow it for an ever expanding, elegant collecction of downtempo electronica!