Rico Casazza, “glimpse”: More than a glimpse of groove

Here’s a real cool one. Deep/minimal house, with a solid groove and a layer of really quite experimental synth hits on top, who paints a rather abstract scenario. All without getting too experimental, without it ever distracting the flow of the track.

I don’t hear this kind of production too often.

Because, in the bigger scheme of things it is a real challenge to stand out from the rest. Especially in the electronica genres since everyone with a computer can make their productions sound real good. That leads to a formidable tidal wave of tracks where individually considered they are pretty good, but they totally drown in that wave of similar productions.

As a blogger I see this ever so clear. Of the tracks I receive for consideration, a massive share can be labelled “proper productions, but too anonymous to stand out”. Unfortunately that is often exactly the feedback I give on our received tracks.

But not so here. And the lovely balance! That’s another factor that makes this track stand out. A Bongo loop is carefully introduced along the way, supporting the groove and providing a progression. Never too eager, never taking too much room. It’s just there, a supporting role. Elegance to the very last beat.

This is one obvious addition to our “It’s House Music!” playlist, a list who’s starting to get real groovy now:

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