Sasch BBC & Caspar, “Inside”: It’s house music!

If you combine a Sasch and one Caspar, you apparently get something groovy out of it. At least judging by this release!

Deep, groovy, underground… The bassline rolls and rolls and rolls, spinning up that hypnotic state we all love to enter. Yet another undiscovered gem in the world of electronic dance music (a certain style of electronica stole the term “EDM” as their genre name a while ago, so we can’t use that abbreviation anymore):
This is exactly the stuff we originally set out to uncover when this blog were started.

A track one can say have a “classic” progressive house arrangement. Almost to the extent that it really isn’t that easy to say what year this track were released, or even decade. Without it sounding retro. Just timeless.

Now that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me.

We’ve added this track to our “It’s House Music!” playlist – a list that is starting to get pretty damn solid now, if you ask us:

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