SHADES, “Two One Six”: The enemy within

The intro gives a fair warning: The hoover synth glides into the scene, first known from the massive ’91 rave hit “Dominator” by Human Resource. This is gonna be hard, dark and intense.

And it is. But not in an uptempo way – quite the contrary. It’sw barely stumbling away.
The genre of this track is probably one of those new bass genres? I have to admit right away, these are new grounds for me. This is one slow beast of a track. So slow, I find it hard to really describe it as a dance track even. It’s just… Massive.

So I have to lean onto the press release that followed this release, and the publishers words;
“Having now spent several years in the studio together, Perez and EPROM have crafted a very specific and detail-oriented brand within SHADES, placing particular attention on the artwork associated with each project. Each release is accompanied by black and white satanic inspired imagery, with a live show similarly void of color. Intentionally maintaining a certain level of mystery, the sound of the music aligns exceptionally well with the artistic concepts they have developed.”

All I can add to that, is that I found this track to be intriguing. I wanted to hear it again. And that’s a good sign. Now it’s your turn.
What do you think?

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