Sors, “Vitality”: Intelligent dance music

One of the strengths of this track is in the production, the details. Just listen to the gorgeous sound design. The use (and not overuse) of the various effects. The way the entire stereo field is utilised. This is simply a bloody good production, from a technical point of view.

But that alone is not enough to be selected by us, of course. The artistic qualities are just as important (some would argue most important). And Sors fully qualify, as you hopefully will agree:

Sors is an Istanbul-based (Turkey) group of three. Recently they have been performing audiovisual performances in Flamme, Mecra, RX İstanbul and Noh Radio. Aiming to provide audiences with an auditory and visual experience, the band performs live shows enriched with analog instruments and live visuals, close to IDM and Electronica genres.

All we can say, is that this was a track that really left us wanting more. It’s hard to label the production with certainty, IDM maybe, but can say for certain that this is “quality electronica”. And that should suffice.

This track is added to our “Beatradar Selections“, a list of quite diverse entries with one thing in common: They’re really good at what they do!