Trova, “Trono”: A cyberpunk opening

I’ve had quite a focus on ambient lately, and compared to how niche it is I have promised myself to try and balance it out a bit better.
But here’s a track that – yes – it’s ambient, but it also would work pretty well as an opening of a DJ set. And that’s my excuse this time. 🙂

It’s really dark, this piece. It’s also really short, but that’s alright. Like I said, it sounds like an intro to something more.

It sets the stage for a futuristic scenario, a cyberpunk world with broken electronic equipment scattered around a barely illuminated space.
Is it a room, or a back alley? I don’ t know yet. But I have a feeling I’ll be meeting an individual of dubious character soon.

But who? And for what? With whom, and why? These are questions I am dying to find the answers to. Here’s hoping this track indeed is only the opening for something bigger, an album that will take us across the world so darkly lit by this highly imaginative composition.

The stage is set, Trova. Now, for the rest!

This track is added to our upcoming “Dark Ambient” playlist, a list we will make public as soon as it reaches a critical amount of tracks. That list is going to be a cyberpunk dream come true.
But until then, take a trip via our “The Ambient Universe” where you find a gorgeous selection of very quiet ambient tracks for those spaced out moments: