Twice as deep: Miss Mee, “Toi Et Moi” and De La Suitte, “Venture”

I’ll round off today with another double feature, this time two deep house tracks that are elegant beauties, both of them.

First off we got Miss Mee with “Toi Et Moi“:

I’ve always been soft for the french language. Bah – aren’t we all, really. A whispering french voice is like the epitome of sexy. So also here.

The Montreal (Canada) based artist Miss Mee is a DJ, producer and founder of Paradise Fever Records Label.

I haven’t got the faintest idea of what she’s actually saying in this track – but whatever it is, don’t spoil that for me!
Not knowing only makes it even more seductive. *

Next up, De La Suitte and his “Venture“:

This is an instrumental that offers the classic deep house vibe. Everything we fell in love with deep house for. The elegance, the rolling groove, the continuity, the light percussion, the good times are just so present here.

De La Suitte are featured on several deep house compilations over the years, we find traces all the way back to 2010. And it is something about experienced producers that I really envy them: They have the confidence to just let a track roll on the beat, they trust their grooves. And rightfully so. They just know that this track holds what is required for the audience to roll with it. And it does. Without having to add a ton of layers, progressions, breaks, bells and whistles. It just grooves, confidently. Elegantly.

Just gorgeous, both of them.

*… Ok, so I eventually had to google what “Toi Et Moi” translates to. It means “You and I”. Luckily not more concrete than that. Phew. The illusion of what she might whisper to me prevails.

Interestingly, I send these two to each their playlists: Miss Mee went to the calmer list, “The Beach Lounge“;


… while De La Suitte went to our “It’s House Music” playlist:


Both lists are under construction, but they do already now hold a decent amount of really good house music. So if these two are to your liking why don’t you follow the lists right now, and be there it as they grow?