Warren Fellow, “Mobius”: Circular hypnosis

Here’s a track for the real clubs. The real clubbers. Deep, groovy, and rolling. On and on, no massive drops or energy changes or even variations over the main theme. Oh no. Nothing to cater to the short attention span of the mainstream festival goers. Thankfully. It just rolls and rolls and rolls and oh my god I am so happy it stays on course.

The looped synth segment reminds me a bit of the epic house classic “French Kiss” by Lil Louis. And have that same hypnotic feel.
Because, that’s the magic of repetition. It becomes hypnotic – if (and only IF) the repeated segment is good enough. And it is, here. So much so that this track is pure hypnosis.

A cool detail is the very distant voices(?) in the background from around two minutes into the track. It’s voices, isn’t it? Or is it just filtered reverb? Can’t make out the words…

Stuff like this won’t survive in the mainstream. And that bugs the hell out of me. Cause this here is so good, so groovy, why the hell can’t the masses hear that?
Nah – we belong to the underground, you and I. And Warren. He’s one of us.

This track is added to our list “Beatradar Selections” along with all our other reviewed tracks. But in addition we also added this to our “Progressive Underground” playlist, where it resides with a very fine selection of groovy, dark, deep and progressive electronica.