Wenchi Rue, “Wear You Down”: You gotta keep going longer for that to happen, buddy!

I love the production in this track. It was a track that I were submitted and I had to listen to several times. I almost declined it for the overly eager “drummer” that really was quite distracting at first because it was almost too organic, but shortly after I did find it hilarious and has ended up being the highlight of the entire track. It adds so much lovely organic dynamics:

And then I read Wenchi Rue (Taiwan) explain the process behind it, and it all made sense:
– “I used the Ableton suite drum kit session dry, its really organic like a real drum. So I finger drummed it live to make it feel real. Also, I layered the snare with some sample to subtly add some texture into a different part of the song in order to make the whole drum more interesting.”

Aha! So it wasn’t just a very well programmed drum machine. Excellent!

But what the fuck is going on with that duration? 1:48? that is a joke, Wenchi. A bad joke. Get your act together, boy.

This track will be on Spotify later, and I trust mr Rue to inform me when that happens. I so totally want this one added to my “More Eighties than the eighties itself” vaporwave playlist. It’s very much under construction, but will be a blast once it got more content.