Ambient Easter Special

Since I live by the life principle “there’s never a bad occasion for good ambient“, I figured an ambient Easter special should be just right.

I’ve chosen two particularly fine examples of the species! First out is:

Ikane C., “Yūgen”

A lot of details in this piece. A lot of movement. According to the composer this track is inspired by the Japanese word for an “awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words“.

Imagine that. The Japanese have one word for that. One. No wonder I so totally love the Japanese culture.

Ikane C. is a afro-american producer based in Berlin, Germany. He continues hius description fo his track as “it’s a rainy night and the beginning of a journey that leads through different spaces to a place within yourself“.
No wonder I so totally love ambient producers.

From the universe within ourselves we now change scenery to the universe of the subsea:

Haav, “Dypet”

Haav means “sea” in Norwegian, and “dypet” means “the depths”, So we’re definitely down deep now. Deep, and oh dear me how delicious. This is the kind of ambient that I – if I had to choose – would hold as my absolute favourite. Gorgeous, looooong pads, swelling and morphing, slooowly. One, careful and uninterrupted movement, like the stars slowly move above us as we watch the night sky.

Or like how deep sea creatures glides majestically past us.

These two tracks are obviously added to our list of only the finest ambient, “The Ambient Universe“:

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