Double Ambient: Celebrating the quiet

It’s really quite astonishing, the influx of new followers we’ve received to our ambient playlist. Great! So I’ve found a couple more tracks that bodes to the most quiet of moments, each in their own ways:

Half Latency, “Preambule”

Morocco! that’s where we’re heading for this interesting little gem of a track. I would not call this track a full ambient production, but is absolutely well on the way in that direction.

It has obvious references to classical music, and is very cinematic by nature (quite unavoidable with classical music, really). A rather minimalistic yet prominent piano enters center stage towards the latter half of the track, and culiminates in almost a piano solo piece. Great progression, beautiful track.

The Planetary Defence Side Project, “Sophon Countdown”

Leaving Morocco and heading to almost the exact opposite side of the globe, Norway. We’ve already covered The Planetary Defence Side Project and their excellent techno track, and here they demonstrate that they indeed are no one-trick pony. A glorious, trippy space ambient. Exciting textures, great arrangement, this is good stuff that fully proves that indeed this artist can tackle both sides of the electronica spectrum.

And if it’s one thing I do like in an artist, it’s diversity.

It seems Half Latency is only on Bandcamp, so we can’t add them to our Spotify playlists. And the second track, “Sophon Countdown” are probably of sliiightly too much energy for our remarkably quiet ambient playlist but we’ve added it to the list for now and will test how it blends in:

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This has become a really good ambient playlist, if we are to say so ourselves. Well worth adding to your library.