Double deep: KNGMKR, “Follow” and biskuwi, “Occidens”

Double deep! Two tracks that both offer a progressive, deep and lovely groove.

First out is KNGMKR (“Kingmaker”) from Johannesburg (South Africa) and his “Follow”.

The track establish a flow, and support that flow throughout the track. No sudden moves, no sudden breaks, you can trust this groove. It continuously and progressively delivers a stream of a dreamy, almost chill-out atmosphere. No rush. No rush at all.

In fact it takes more than two minutes before the vocals are introduced. Why hurry? We got all the time in the world, and KNGMKR makes sure it’s a good time.

… And speaking of a nice, deep flow… It’s time to introduce you to Ubiskuwi and his “Occidens“!
How’s this for a nice flow:

Yalcin Efe, aka “biskuwi”, is a Stockholm based electronic music producer whose involvement with music has spanned more than 20 years, and includes being front man in a rock band.

It wasn’t until in 2010 he turned his back to rock and evolved into a producer within the electronic sphere.

And his long experience with music shows in this production: Lovely progression, lovely soundscape, every single component of the audio image fits perfectly together. These tracks right here, my friends, this is why I love deep electronica.

Anecdote time:
I got a friend who’s very much not into electronica.
For him music needs a verse/chorus structure, it needs an explicitly expressed emotion. And variations throughout the track. He claims electronica of the nature we listen to here, repetitive themes circling around for minute after minute, is more a question of hypnotising a drugged mind than performing an actual musical piece how music is meant to be.

He’s wrong, we know that. It must be admitted though, that he’s slightly onto something. This kind of music is about entering a mental state. Only then can we truly enjoy it. The repetitive hooks becomes a state of mind. It’s a trip.

And these two tracks here are the fix we need.

… (The drugs are just a bonus. 😉 )

Both of these tracks are added to our “The Deep Lounge”, where the deeper grooves are found.

This list has been build, track by track, as we discover them. It is now at a state where it finally has become a pretty darn good playlist of a decent length. Now’s the time to follow it!