Double downtempo: A wall of chill

Two british acts in this double downtempo feature; Ohmfield and Chris Durkin.

The downtempo genres are quite tricky. It’s so easy to fall for cliches and end up as a pretty unimaginative, generic track.
That can obviously be said for all genres, but I feel it’s particularly easy to do so in chill-out. So the more happy I get when I during my search for new music come across tracks that steer clear of those!

Ohmfield, “Habitual Cold”

The sound of the instruments in this track is a major part of my attraction here. Gives me associations to sounds from far eastern music productions. A glorious blend of organic and synthetic sounds that gives the whole track a distinct personality. A personality made even more distinct by the many clever production twists along the way, offering small surprises and variation through the course.

Simply a gorgeous track. Something that holds truth also for the next track in this doublet:

Chris Durkin, “Slow ft.Akacia”

The female voice. It’s just so well suited for music. And I don’t say that from a heterosexual male’s perspective (although I could), but from an audio geek perspective. The range of the typical female voice is so elegantly hovering above the other instruments in the frequency spectrum, steering crystal clear off them.

And in the case of the vocalist here, Akacia, this is most definitely an advantage. An intimate, airy voice that manage to hypnotise at least this listener. A prefect voice for this production.

And just like with Ohmfields track, this production also features much of that same “feel”, very fat sounding “wall of sound” type production, well mixed, well produced. Solid craftsmanship.

To tracks worthy of a chill session.

Both tracks were added to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge”, where we gather all the reviewed chill-out/lounge tracks as we discover them.

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