Double synth-pop Monday: Language Arts, “Against The Wind” & Skauss, “Father”

Today’s double feature contains two tracks that both are located somewhere in the cross-lands between Electro Pop and Synthwave. If there ever was a separation between the two… One could rightfully say one is a child of the other. I guess what I try to say is that it’s probably not pure retro in the most purist sense of the term. Yeah this was a real dull ingress so let’s get on to the music:

First out: Language Arts, “Against The Wind

This duo from Toronto (Canada) have a very disarmingly expression in their music, much due to the properties of the vocalist’s remarkably charming voice. A naive, optimistic and feelgood atmosphere is spun across the whole audio imagery.

The catchy track comes across as very retro for this listener, but the decade is not as easy to pin down. It’s got obvious elements of eighties synth pop, but also nineties indie pop, alternative underground and most importantly: It’s got bucket loads of charm. Charm is timeless, isn’t that what they say?
(actually, no. They don’t. Nobody says that. But is is!)

Next we are heading to Greece for Skauss and his “Father“.

When it comes to sound, one could say that Skauss is on the other side of the spectrum from Language Arts.
It’s dark, alarming, a sensation of despair and frustration is in the soundwaves of this creation. But they have a catchy chorus in common. On this track we find an absolutely stunning gospel style choir that helps lift this track up from the “okey” to the “yey!“.

Those of you who already follow our “More EIGHTIES than the 80s” playlist have already heard Skauss and his track “whoami”. I try not to repeat myself too much on our playlists, but I hope you agree that we should make room for one more from this mysterious Greek.

Both of these tracks are added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, along with all other selections we do on this blog. But we also added these to our “More Eighties Than The 80s itself” list, a list that indeed deserves to be followed if the above two tracks are to your liking:

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