Ancona, “Chamber” and LSMarley, “Self”: Fascinating moments of creativity

A new double feature! This time two tracks that both categorise themselves as “Leftfield Bass”. They are quite different in mood – but equally brim full of creativity.

First out is Anconda and his “Chamber”. When I was first introduced to the pitched down and processed voice in this track it felt really quite uncomfortable, maybe even awkward. But interestingly enough, during the course of the track the perception of the voice transforms into something cool.

The voice is also well accompanied by a fittingly quirky, yet groovy soundtrack that frames the track perfectly.

So, an experimental creation indeed – this falls under that rather tricky genre “IDM”, doesn’t it? Either way, intriguing it is. And with all those little production details that I as a “music production nerd” enjoys probably too much.

Each time I hear from artists like Ancona I can’t help but release a sigh of relief, so glad that we have artists like these amongst us in a music world who’s even after the “deliberation” from labels maybe even to a greater extent are geared towards playlist popularity, instant gratification and trends.

… And the same can also be said about the next pick:
“Self” from LsMarley.

A different beast of a track, but with a similar, uncompromising uniqueness over the production, and a result that is really quite worth exploring:

LSMarley (Luke Samuel Marley) comes from Britain. He presented himself to us as someone who is “combining bass heavy, low tempo rhythms with found sounds and elements of live performance. Using recordings of his own vocals, piano, bass, violin and percussion performances to create textures, before manipulating them with basic synthesisers and vocoders”.

And the result is really quite something. He continues, “tThe bass frequencies are made using a duo of sine waves, pitched to beat against each other at a rate that matches the BPM of the track. Resulting in a bass sound that resonates through the earths crust, cools the earths core and de-polarises the earths magnetic field; exposing the earth to solar storms, throwing the moon out of orbit, causing the sky to fall into the sea, and the end of civilisation.

I can totally dig that, both the technical and philosophical aspect of the above quote.

And if my little blog here can do anything to help push these acts a bit further towards their audience, then this day too served a purpose!