Inka Upendo, “Mellow”: A gentle touch midst the dark beats

One of the things I love about writing this blog is that my scope for the blog, underground electronica, is constantly challenged.

Challenged, because I come across so many tracks that can’t be called strictly “underground” or artist “undiscovered”. Still, I just feel I need to write about it. And I hope you are with me on that.

This time it’s because of this lady, Inka Upendo from Finland. Her first single release, “Limbo”, has been played on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, and she was invited back to play a session for BBC Music Introducing in Devon and Cornwall. She has performed live shows in Falmouth, Winchester and London, and at the festival Kontula Electronic in Finland.

So she definitely do not qualify to our definition of an “undiscovered electronica artist”. It’s rather that she is at a place where a lot others ultimately want to be.
But I think she’s well worthy of an exception to our house rules.

It’s easy to get associations to early Björk, but she’s definitely no copycat. And the track is so well produced. Not overproduced, not by a long shot, but with enough layers and details to warrant several plays.

It will be interesting to follow the future evolvement of this new talent. And that comes from a guy that basically prefer his music very underground, deep, dark and non-vocal. So that says something.

“Mellow” is added to our “Beatradar Selections“, a Spotify playlist that holds all our selections. It’s become quite the cool playlist with a very wide range of quality electronica.
So if tour taste in music is as diverse as mine, you’re more than welcome to follow it and enjoy our ride!

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