Ittna, “Serpent” & Sunset Exotic, “Sunken”: Two exotic narratives

I’ve collected two very dramatic and cinematic narratives for this double feature.

Ittna, “Serpent”

A massive bass growl threatens to tear this track apart, a track filled with an exotic, dark atmosphere and topped by a gorgeous vocal performance by the duo’s vocalist, Klara:

One do get associations to Scandinavian folk music and other Nordic acts that play on those kind of strings, so it comes as no surprise to read in the press release that;

Ittna is a duo who writes all their music in their tiny cabin by the sea outside Stockholm, Sweden. The name Ittna means “nothingness” in an old north Swedish dialect, spoken only by a couple of thousand people. Klara has roots in that area, and the Ittna sound is inspired by the nature there.


A fantastic track, and a duo well worth exploring.

… And don’t you just love it when you discover musicians who live like they sound?

Sunset Exotic, “Sunken”

The next track in this double selection do hold those same very cinematic soundscapes, although soundscapes of a different nature. And isn’t that organ sound that forms the lead fascinating? I don’t know what it is, but I’m enthralled by it. Sounds old, quirky, yet futuristic. If I ever explored a post-apocalyptic world and found an old organ on the scrapyard, this is what it would sound like.

The track is a narrative driven piece of work through a pretty majestic landscape. Sunset Exotic is the production project of American composer/producer Charles Foltz. Foltz’s music has mainly been focused in the realm of advertising and television.
This single marks the first release for Sunset Exotic since 2017, with more music to be released later this year.

In addition to our “Beatradar Selections”, where all our selected tracks are collected, we also added these two beauties to our recently created “The Electronica Outskirts” playlist:

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