JohnT, “Jim”: The icon remembered

Many years ago, I guess we’re around the turn of the century, I came across a release that essentially were a phone interview with the late Prince on top of a smooth and groovy progressive house production.

Oh, how I loved that track. But it was of such an odd nature, and I were typically booked at clubs with a higher energy level, so I hardly ever got to play that track on gigs. I have since totally forgotten the name of that track or its producer… Anyone?

Here’s a production that push those same buttons in me. This time it’s an interview with a man of similar iconic status as Prince: Jim Morrison.

Jim Morrison

This track is however more downtempo by comparison, but that’s just such a perfect match for the very sedate way Jim speaks. Lovely, deep bass shakes up our sub like there’s no tomorrow. The melody never craves our attention, it just supports the atmosphere over that interview.

And we all gotta dig Jim. Both the artist and the track.

We’ve had tracks with spoken words on top of electronica several times before, of course. Two of the most noteable examples being “19” by Paul Hardcasle back in the early eighties, and again in 1990 with Lil Louis & The World, “I Called U”.

And it’s not like we all can run around making tracks with this concept. It gets old really fast. But once every decade or so? Oh yes, yes please.

And this time it’s JohnT’s turn.

This track is added to our “The Deep Lounge”, where all the classy, calm, smooth house tracks are collected as we discover them. It’s matured into a proper quality playlist, if we are to say so ourselves. And you’re invited to follow!

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