Made In Riot & Simina Grigoriu, “Spring Storms” and The Planetary Defence Side Project, “Ball Lightning”!

It’s techno Tuesday! And these two tracks means business. Dirty business. Just how we like’em.

Both of the tracks in this double feature is quite dark and very stomping. First out:

Made In Riot & Simina Grigoriu, “Spring Storms”

A significant techno beat stomps straight into our lives, igniting an instant urge for clenched jaws and intense looks. Looks of focus. Focus on the sound waves. The pounding waves. Pounding, pounding, pounding, bang bang bang and oh my god It’s been far too long since I was at a rave.

One might say this track kind of flirts mildly with the hard trance side of things, but I’d still say this is techno. This is how I like it.

This is the real deal.

And the same can be said about this next delicious little piece of cold hard techno steel:

The Planetary Defence Side Project, “Ball Lightning”

Kicks off in quite similar fashion, but lands in a quite darker place. It never drifts off into any other direction than to bang your head with techno slam. Sprinkled around the uncompromising beat are twisted and reversed synth snippets and odd loops that adds so much to the atmosphere.

A threatening atmosphere, dangerous, just like ball lighting:

Ball lightning is an unexplained and potentially dangerous atmospheric electrical phenomenon. The term refers to reports of luminous, spherical objects that vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. Though usually associated with thunderstorms, the phenomenon lasts considerably longer than the split-second flash of a lightning bolt. Two reports from the nineteenth century claim that the ball eventually explodes, leaving behind an odor of sulfur.

Sulfur! No less. That’s quite dirty smelling.
This is good stuff for the techno lads.

Both are well worthy of your time being it in your playlist, DJ set, workout sessions, whatever floats your techno boat: Just be sure to bring’em with you.

Both of these tracks are obviously added to our techno playlist “The Techno Club“, a list that’s getting rather good now if we are to say so ourselves. Hit follow and join the ride as we steadily expand it!