Patiotic Feat Sophia Garvey, “Doesn’t Matter”: Indeed not

Here at Beatradar we try to keep our focus on the underground, the deeper and maybe less accessible (at least from a mainstream perspective) type tracks.

That means, for example, that we rarely approve tracks with a vocalist, and especially don’t approve tracks with vocals and a traditional verse/bridge/chorus structure. We’re just not the place for it.

That is… Until now. This track right here made us think, “aaah fuck it, let the underground sail its own course for a while“.

All because of a lady that goes by the name of Sophia Garvey.

That voice! Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t that one of the most charming voices you’ve heard in quite a while? The accent, the diction, the unique characteristics.

I mean, sure, she’s well accompanied by a decent production. But really, put an average boring vocalist on this track and it would have fallen to pieces. Dissolved into… Nothing.

So, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes we here at Beatradar have to just appreciate good performances, regardless of genre. This is one of those moments.

Today, Sophia is our goddess.

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