Progressive Friday: Sam Heyman + Nadja Lind & D. Diggler

Two fine selections of progressive tracks this Friday, freshly harvested from the borderlands between techno and house.

Nadja Lind & D. Diggler – “Mekong Delta”

Nadja Lind’s DJing career started in 2003 and has so far taken her to clubs like Fabric London, Time Club in the Philipines, Sankeys and Circo Loco on Ibiza, Kater Blau in Berlin and several other credible clubs around Europe. She also seem to be the co-owner of this label, if I understand the press release correctly. So this is not an “undiscovered artist” in the strictest sense of the term, but I believe undiscovered enough for many readers of this blog – including myself – to be unfamiliar with her works.

Some would call this dub techno, I guess. It has obvious techno properties. But still, it’s a great progressive drive in this little gem.

And it’s deep. And groovy. And we dig it.

Sam Heyman – “Hatysa”

This is what I would call classic progressive house. Rolling, deep, solid bass. Massive.

Our new friend Sam is a man it’s not easy to dig up info on, but judging from his Spotify page he seem to have been releasing music for at least ten years now. All I can say is that it seems he’s from Sweden.

Maybe the time has come to write a little bio, Sam? Don’t be so secretive! 😉

These two tracks are both added to our “Progressive underground” playlist, the place we collect the best progressive house and techno tracks as we find them. Follow it and discover new music with us!

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