Summer School, “By Myself”: Synth pop extravaganza

So, one of the discoveries I’ve personally done this year is that I actually think Retrowave is a lot of fun – at least in small doses. I’m simply amazed at how authentic some of these acts are able to make it.
Like this track here: Summer School and their track “By Myself”.

By the way: Do you know who Rick Astley is? The guy with “Never Gonna…” – oh of course you do. Listen to this guy – doesn’t it sound like a pitched down Astley?

Another aspect of me selecting this track is that it is so well mixed – again, with that very authentic sound. Simply a job very well done!

This track went straight into our Vaporware-themed “More Eighties than the 80s itself!” list, where we only collect the finest synthwave tracks:

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