Techno tuesday! Charles D, J SWINK, Hydroxyde and Sandro Fosco

Two collabs today that both were labelled “techno”! Personally I think they play around quite close to the borders to trance and progressive house, but let’s not enter a dull genre quarrel. We’re above that. Point is, these both holds a fundamental drive that I so totally dig:

Charles D and J SWINK – “Higher Power”

Big, fat synth horns, looped blips and blops, flangers on overdrive, yeah this track is meant to whip the crowd. The right crowd. Those who understand what this is all about. Experienced clubbers. It has clear trancey overtones, this track. If someone called this dark trance I’d not be the one arguing against that. But whatever you call this it holds a massive sound, that’s for sure.

Hydroxyde and Sandro Fosco – “Eclipse”

There’s little doubt that it’s a proper progressive drive in this one. Rolling, stomping, and with loads of filters that tweaks its way into that higher state of conciousness.

Both of these tracks are simply perfect for a dark, hot night at a real club!

Quite obviously both of these belong to our “The Techno Club” Spotify playlist along with other really great, stomping and slamming techno tracks. However we only found “Eclipse” on Spotify, but at least we could add that one to our fine list: