Techno Tuesday: Time to stomp again!

Yeah. Let’s get back to the underground. The real underground. The dark, steamy, bass heavy, rolling underground atmosphere. Where we belong.

These two tracks takes us there:

Nic Baard, “There’s An Owl In My Barn”

Here’s a wonderfully deep, minimal techno track. Gorgeous. It keeps a steady flow, and with a really good break towards the end. So simple, yet effective. Class act!

It uses repetition as the main tool towards ecstacy, and boy does it work. A wonderfully dry and rock solid kick teams up with a rolling bassline consisting of one note. The right note. Minimal at its best.

Gotta dig it. I want to be booked somewhere I can play this stuff!

Wax Mathews, “Marble Garden”

Next up comes a track that takes a step up on the energy level. Some would say we are sniffing at the tech house side of things now, but no matter how you twist and turn it: This is monstrous, it’s stomping, and it’s friggin’ awesome.

The steel cold synths are twirling and whirling into your conciousness and pulling you up. Like a good club track should. Rolling, retracting, pushing, snaring, like a tidal wave of awesomeness. On and on and on. Oh yes.

And how about that filtered break at the end?! Damn.

Nic Baard seem to only be on Soundcloud – that’s how underground he is. But Marble Garden is added to our Spotify playlist “The Techno Club” where tracks of this magnitude are collected when uncovered. You are invited to follow it and enjoy new discoveries as they are made!

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