Time to go down. Down deep, and rolling. Techno time.

Ok, it’s time to get busy again. I’ll admit right away that I’ve turned a bit soft lately. So I need to do something about that. Here’s a couple of techno tracks that rolls in the deep and dark.

Anela, “Listen to it”

Yeah, listen to that! Properly dark, deep rolling, and with a bass-line that means business from the Belgian producer Anela.
A sharp, wobbly sawtooth synth enters the scene and contributes to the momentum. But it never breaks out into anything cheesy, oh no. It holds a steady course, taking us up to that higher techno consciousness.

Schimmer, “GlutGorilla”

The second track in this duo are from Germany and holds some of the same proerties as “Listen To This”. A deep, groovy techno beat shapes the foundation. The bassline builds the solid groove and to be honest the track could really very well have worked also without the sawtooth synth that are whipping up the exstacy on top, if you ask me.

But both tracks are well worthy of an entry on our techno playlists, don’t you agree?

We could not find Anela on Spotify but Schimmer are added to our excellent techno playlist “The Techno Club”, a list that’s grown into something really groovy now!

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