Twice as FUN: A lighthearted double feature!

It’s been a lot of dark and deep lately. Not that there can ever be too much of the dark and deep, but to spice things up I’ve found two tracks that really brightens up the mix during a Beatradar week.

Ogun Dalka feat. Dj Funky C, “Color (Volkan Uca Remix)”

First off, we’re heading to Turkey to find Ogun Dalka and his track “Color”.
A happy production with an ultra masculine voice telling you how to live your life. I would guess it possibly is meant semi-intellectual. Or just ironically. It might just be a joke. It doesn’t matter. Nothing’s really serious about this track, anyway. It’s dance music, and quite the charmer in being so.

I can’t help it, but I totally picture a very extra-gavant dragshow when listening to this track. Or a catwalk with outfits on display that will never ever be seen in regular social settings, ever.

It has a kind of a retro feel, almost like some sort of a remaster of an obscure eighties electro track found on the b side of a lesser known single. And obscurities? I love it.

Gloo Audio, “Hourglass”

Here’s a totally different track genre-wise, but with an apparent fun element to it. “Playful“, that’s the word that springs to my mind. Don’t you just love all those tiny little audio titbits and effects scattered around here?

This is also the first time we feature a Lebanese artist on our pages. Cool!

Just a sidenote, but I also think the clarity of the audio in this track is so excellent. Crystal clear, it’s really well produced and mixed. To such an extent did it impress me that I had to ask Gloo Audio who’s done the mixing and mastering. And it was his own work. Impressive!

These tracks are both added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, along with all our other selections. But we also added Gloo Audio to our “Electronica Outskirts” playlist, where the quirky oddballs from the IDM and leftfield landscapes are collected:

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