USE, “Test” & Drosophila, “Stingwise”: Futuristic experiments

It’s not many days since I last did an “double oddball feature“, but I just have to do another; this time a sci-fi special!

Because, I’ve recently come across two tracks that I so totally love. One is a rather odd instrumental consisting of essentially just sequences, while the other is nothing but a voice. Yes, that’s it. And both are quite extraordinary.

Drosophila, “Stingwise”

Welcome to the future. Machines as far as the eye can see are turning and twisting and hammering and doing whatever it is machines do at this point in time.

Can you imagine a groovy piece of electronica, but with no drums? Take a listen to this.

Some would maybe call this “IDM”, I’d simply call it experimental. But above all I’d call it pretty damn cool. Such an exciting soundscape, and those synth sounds are just so… Juicy! Polished! These machines work, no doubt about that, and they are effective. And I totally trust’em.

But if that wasn’t avant-garde enough, then please come follow me to the next track:

USE, “Test”

Here’s a track with a female voice testing something for some unknown purpose. That’s it. Only processed with a kind of a shimmer reverb or something of that effect.

Confused? Listen:

Fascinating, isn’t it? I’ll admit right away that got totally lost in that voice.

The duo USE (untitled social experiment) explains the track like this;
– Everything makes too much sense. we don’t think it’s real so we’ve begun testing it to make sure we aren’t just in the middle of a coma.
I mean, what’s not to like here?

And yes, I need to state the obvious: The female individual on this recording? Omg, dat voice. With that perfect sterile sci-fi tone and diction. I have listened to this thing on repeat now for a while and I have concluded that I could have received instructions from this voice indefinitely.

I want her embedded in all my current and future digital equipment.

Both of these tracks are added to our “The Electronica Outskirts” playlist, where we place all our pics that are of teh IDM/leftfield/experimental nature. A list that are still under construction but we are slowly getting somewhere now!

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