Yulio, “Amor” & Ok Tempo, “Robot Workers’ Union”: The scenic route

Double oddball feature! Here’s a couple of cool tracks that are a bit different than what I usually cover and are a bit hard to categorise. Plus, they both have an excess of pure ENERGY.

Yulio, “Amor”

Yulio (Julio Muñoz) is from Spain and his Leftfield creation is really quite something. Lots of… SOUND.

Sound, sound everywhere! Voices, effects, sweepers, field recordings, drones, TV shows, radio, it’s all there – all at the same time. And in a very cyberpunky way.

When the beat starts rolling on top of it all – a really groovy breakbeat type rhythm, it’s almost a relief. And what follows is something that I think I would describe as very fitting for a soundtrack. A Cyberpunk theme, dirty gritty urban chaos with lots and lots of visuals, neon signs, cars, people, cyborgs, visual pressure en masse.

Oh yes, I can dig this. It’s a trip. It’s like Ambient’s little ugly brother: Same fantastic audio visuals, but with an extreme amount of energy.

When I first heard this one, it started out as a “uhmmmm… No thanks” but I kept listening out of sheer curiosity, and then, slowly, I were getting pulled into the thing and at the end I was like, “this is bloody GENIOUS!“.

And it is. Taken from the album “Earth“. You want to hear the rest of the album, right? Yeah, me too.

Ok Tempo, “Robot Workers’ Union”

OK Tempo (Australia) offers a creation that he himself describes as a mixture of Trance, Tech House and Dubstep. And he has a point, actually. Arranged like a dub step track, hectic like a tech house track and melodic like a trance track? Yeah sure, I can agree with that.

This mixture can, to be honest, be a bit much to swallow. It’s very, very energetic. This worker union has a focus on efficiency, that’s for sure.

But it’s a cool track! And electronic. And, well, it’s not exactly mainstream. From an undiscovered artist. So it fully qualifies for this blog.

Plus, I really do love creative souls who – deliberately or subconsciously – turns off the highway and explore new grounds. That’s when one can discover a new scenic route.

Both tracks are added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, and “Amor” was also added to our “The Electronica Outskirts” playlist, who holds the Leftfield/IDM type tracks as we review them:

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