Ambient Attack: Whipped by a tortoise.

Yeah. Quite the headline. Luckily the tracks are better than my verbal dexterity this morning. Because, with this double feature I want to take you back to the world of ambient. Two fine additions to our playlist.

All My Madness – “50 Arcminutes Below the Horizon”

This first track is so short that I wonder if it’s intended to be an intermesso on an album. But either way – what little we get is really very atmospheric. Hollow sounding synths are creating an image of water, rust and deserted landscape. Subterranian? Might very well be! At least it’s very dark here.

And the length taken into consideration it can work well as an introduction to the next track in this double feature:

Souns – “Sun Inside the Sun (Loscil Remix)”

Slowly evolving pads are overlapping each other in a solid, yet fragile construction of outworldish atmosphere. We are definitely in outer space now. Alone. With massive astronomical bodies slowly churning in their phase like solitary giants, yet cogs of an even more massive whole.

But the track is not static! Oh no. It evolves, beautifully, carefully, new elements are introduced and a progression is provided throughout, making every single minute of the more than six minutes duration part of a journey. The scenic route. Until the surprising end. Did it end well? I have my doubts.

In fact, it’s the steady movement that makes this one of the better ambient tracks I’ve heard in quite some time.

These two tracks are both added to our quite popular Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, a playlist we take our pride in making the best space travel playlist we can:

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