Deep Monday: Sixth Ocean – “Meraki”

Here’s a pretty little thing from India. Sixth ocean is an artist hailing from Mumbai and studied music production and sound engineering in Point Blank school, London (UK).

Bright and uplifting, very melodic and dreaming. Quite different from the deep tracks I usually pick and quite frankly, if I had to describe this track with few words I’d say it’s “uptempo chillout”. A contradiction? I don’t think so. It’s a chill track, and invokes many of those same mental images as chillout often do.

A solid production, and a soft start of the new week!

Meraki is added to our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections”, where we collect all our picks. The list has become quite the varied collection now, with great music from a quite wide range of electronica. No festival “EDM”, no mainstream chart fodder, just good electronica. A safe source for new music discoveries!

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