Double Brit: The dark future depicted

Here’s two tracks that are quite different by nature but share a common futuristic and dark atmosphere. And regular readers should know by now that I am really weak for dark, futuristic settings. 🙂
And they are both created by British artists. So, a double Brit!

Unlit – Truth Water

Here’s an audio landscape for ya to chew on. A rumbling bass taken from the d’n’b world. A dark, cold world is created with multiple ambient layers that kind of all live their own lives, but still belong to the same universe. Like objects in an urban backyard, animated by an autumn breeze. Very cinematic and dark.

And “cinematic and dark” can also very much descibe the next track:

Woeful Bat – Triangle

Starting out as a dark ambient piece, it soon enough changes into a very cinematic segment. With big drums and synths a massive construction arise. Sounds like an opening, or a theme song for a TV series. A really dark and brutal series. With cyborgs. And implants.

Gotta dig it.

Woeful Bat is only on Soundcloud today, but Unlit is added to our quite eclectic playlist “The Electronica Outskirts”, where we collect the more experimental selections we do here at Beatradar.
If you like the above you’re gonna dig this list:

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