Double Downtempo: A laidback sunday.

So, what have I got for you this Sunday?
Two tracks built on a breakbeat foundation. But not destined for the dance floors, oh no, these two creations are layered with calmness and peace of mind.

Kamiloto – Road Trip

To find the creator behind the first track we need to head down to Amsterdam (Netherlands). A very melodic, uplifting atmosphere – in fact lighter than what I usually pick from the music submitted to us. But we find a darker depth in this track. The distortioned pads in the background, the dissonance, there are signs of despair here. Somewhere. Can you hear it?

Cispia – Nostalgia

A groovy breakbeat drum pattern. A distant voice. A wall of rumbling bass. Tender synth arps, swollen pads… They all come together to shape the track “Nostalgia” from the british act Cispia.

To be honest I don’t really know what this kind of music is called today. The genre, I mean. I would not be surprised if it was “future [something]”. But for me this is, was and have always been “breakbeat”. And it is so lovely to hear again. There’s something about the roughness of these kind of beats that is such a massively welcome break(!) from the regular 4/4 kick drum pattern.

But this track avoids being too much “in your face”. Instead it delivers a backdrop for a rather calm session. Candles, exotic smells in the air, massive leather sofas, a seat with a view.

Both tracks well suited for a laid-back Sunday.

Both tracks are added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, where all our selections resides: