Double Downtempo: Two unique moments of lesser energy

Today I’ve picked two tracks that are of a calmer nature, and quite original. One from a producer that is well on the way of being established, the other from an artist at the very beginning of his career.
Both with releases that we’d love to play in our imaginary lounge club!

Draft – “All For You (Pt. 1)”

A very calm, almost dark ambient atmosphere in this track. The introduction of a modern, bass heavy break beat came as quite the surprise to me the first time I listened – but boy does it work! I’ve always been a fan of solid contrasts in music, and we get that in spades here. Glitchy, lazy, but with muscles.

Massive changes in dynamics is a two-sided sword, though. The contrasting segments needs to have a common glue, both needs to be part of the same universe or it falls apart.
And that unity is found here. A really good production.

Moud – “The Moon Singer”

In regular “double feature” fashion here on Beatradar the tracks in this duo do share some elements. Here it is that same dark ambience surrounding the track. In “The Moon Singer” the beat is of less surprise than in Draft’s track, but the contrasts are here too.

This track is more based on classic deep house, though. With a veil of chillout/lounge atmosphere covering it.

Both tracks are, in each their ways, well suited for a chillout lounge. Or a calm session in your headset.

Draft is added to our “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect the tracks we’d love to play in our lounge club. Quality down-tempo, deep, often slightly dark and always very unique. Here’s where you find it! Please follow and join our crusade for a better lounge experience.

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