Double Energy: The Monday Morning Wakeup Call

Todays double feature has a focus on the uplifting and very groovy tracks. Two fine examples of solid grooves and a postiive vibe. We need that on mondays.

ITEY – “The Illusory Self”

There’s something about playing the right track at the right moments. Generally speaking I like my groovy electronica dark and deep. But sometimes even I need something with a little bit of sunshine in it. Not to say I’m about make you suffer through a bloody tropical house track now – no I have not completely lost my mind – but there’s rays of sunshine to be found in this track here. At least in my ears.

Anbd how about that feelgood groove! Wakes you up with a grin. If you put these on your headset on your way to the chores of today, try not waking in beat with the track. 😀

KRY4 – The Earth’s Heartbeat

Kry4 is a gentleman we’ve gotten to know earlier here on Beatradar, and here’s another elegant creation from my favourite Cypriot. It shares many of those same properties as the above track, although establish iself a little more on the progressive side of things.

Great breakdowns and buildups, and a solid bass line. All while maintaining a veil of originality.
Yup, solid stuff.

The first track is only to be found on Soundcloud, but KRY4’s track is added to our playlist “Beatradar Selections“, where our selected tracks are collected as we discover them!

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