Double Feature: Both designed for the dance floor – but probably not the same floors

Two tracks designed for the dance floors are featured in this double feature. Designed for the same, but with quite stark contrasts.

Or could they be played on the same floor? Either way, they’re both good at what they do.

Hego – “The Underground”

While I really dislike vocals singing in club tracks, ironically there’s something about talking voices in electronica that really appeals to me. It often makes the track quite cool. Like here.

It’s not a typical track for me to select, this. A bit too mainstream, from a clubbing point of view. But this whirling tech house track holds a groove that is just brutally good. As soon as that groove is back we forgive the slightly cheesy elements in between. I like that contrast.

Towards the end one might say it becomes a bit too much, but damnit – that groove!

Async – “Bank Angle”

“Chaos and order”. That’s two words that springs to mind with the next track.
It’s darker, deeper, and quite ironically much more underground than the first track. An upfront kick drum holds things in order, leaving room for the rest of the percussions and details to really sprawn around like playful children, flickering all over the place.

Chances are good that some of you really dig one of them, while being stone cold about the other. What kind of clubber are you?
Make your choice. 🙂

Both of todays selections are added to our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections”, a list that really has become quite diverse now!