Double Feature: Guilty Pleasures!

Guilty pleasure: We all have them. Stuff we’re not supposed to like but really do enjoy – often massively – when nobody’s watching.

Here’s two tracks that for each their own reasons really isn’t what I usually listen to (cross my heart!), but I enjoyed’em both enough to hit “approve” when browsing through the submissions we’ve received:

SICKOTOY – “Addicted”

In true “guilty pleasure” fashion, I feel the need to excuse myself: This track is really way too mainstream/commercial to fit into my listening habits. But I’ve always been a sucker for exotic flairs in my music – and this track here, from Romania, do sound very exotic to my Scandinavian ears. In fact it sounds more Arabic than eastern Europe? But what do I know about the Romanian culture… Sadly, far too little.

And that bass! Ultramodern, very mainstream, but it makes even this old underground heart beat a little bit faster. Plus, we’re not too far off this years Eurovision Song Contest! And that’s another arena where I can get my fix for the more exotic and eastern European sound.
Yes, that entire show is one giant guilty pleasure for me. 😀

Teamworx – “Losing Control”

Next we’re leaving Romania and head head further south down to Israel, there we find Teamworx. Both in their late-twenties their journey begun as two classmates, Ben Azoulay and Saar Lagziel, bonded over a shared passion for EDM.

This duo have, unsurprisingly, signed on Spinnin’ Records in the past, and speaking of mainstream/EDM… I’ll be honest with you: Usually when I receive stuff like this I can not hit decline fast enough. But there was something holding my finger off the decline button here… And shortly thereafter I were bopping in my chair like a madman.

I mean, sure, this track is nothing but peak after peak after peak, in traditional festival EDM style productions. Really bloody cheesy and annoying and all that. Still… I think this track is cool! And I hereby openly admit so! So sue me!

So yeah… There you have it. My two guilty pleasures this week.

Both tracks are added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlists. In addition we had to add “Losing Control” to our recently created playlist “House For Clubbers“:

If you enjoy club music of the more pumping, blatantly dancefloor-flirting kind, I think you’ll enjoy the above list. Follow it today!