Double Feature: Progression In The East

I always find it so interesting to hear electronica from other countries than what we usually are served – especially outside what we call “the western world”.

So today I’ve picked two progressive house tracks from down east: One submission from the Middle East, the other from India (South Asia).

To what a degree will they differ from western house music? Come join and explore!

Saahil Prem – Om

We start by heading to India, there we find Saahil and his track “Om”. Aptly titled, as you will soon discover. Starting off real calm and deep, soon building momentum with a really sexy bassline. Lovely.

It’s a bit more exotic, this track compared to the next one from the Emirates. The steel string instrument (I don’t remember the name of that instrument, often heard in Indian music), percussion and vocals are all adding a really nice flair to the track. But above all this is a really, really good progressive production.

Karim Alkhayat – DNA

Karim is next, from United Arab Emirates. A rock solid bass groove establish the foundation for the track. Upfront as can be. Rolling like a proper progressive house track, building layer upon layer. Properly dark, properly stomping.

So, is this what they dance to down there?
I’ve never been in any Arabic country, and from the outside we get the impression that there’s nothing but strict social control and a severe mix-up of religion in politics going on in those countries.
But obviously there gotta be more than that. And now I got a feeling there’s some really cool underground clubs to be found. At least judging from this track!

So there you have it – two tracks from the eastern parts of the world. We can safely conclude that judging from these two tracks there’s really good stuff going on there too!

These two tracks are both added to our Spotify playlist “Progressive Underground”, a list that has slowly become pretty damn awesome if you ask us.

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