Friday Feelgood Combo!

We round off this week here at Beatradar with a couple of tracks that may be a bit more on the happy side than what we usually pick for our club stompers.
Time for a Friday Feelgood combo!

DA KIDZ – “You Change (Da Kidz Instru-dub Mix)”

Here’s a real “Friday feelgood” track. Fun, uplifting and with a real cute, heavily processed vocal on top. You also find this track on Spotify.

Nutrium – “Rainbow”

Let’s continue the bouncy, happy groove, shall we?

The groove is just so prominent here. Ultra-classic club groove with a bass so tight you can’t press a leaf through it (wut?). Australia is the home country of Nutrium, and we hope a lot of Australians bounce around to this groove tonight.

Both of these tracks don’t have a worry in this world, and welcomes the weekend with wide open arms. Do it!

These tracks are perfect for our “House For Clubbers” playlist, where we collect nothing but the most groovy and club friendly releases. It has no followers yet, and that’s bloody unfair. Hit the follow button today, and bounce with us!