Friday Fun: Let the mindless bashing begin!

This track is not deep, not intelligent, not sublime in any way, it’s just bashfully FUN. Fun For a Friday!

Cityzen – Sirius

Yeah, I did warn you. Dangerously close to that “EDM” staple, right? But man, in my opinion it balances well, lands on the right side of the cheese border.

It’s very rare that I copy a full artist bio, but I want to make an exception here. I dig image concious artists. And this gentleman here is just that:

“Although not much is known about Cityzen yet, we can be extremely positive about three noticeable attributes: his affinity for the color red, unique glasses, and his desire to give people the intense beats that one would imagine hearing on the metallic streets of a futuristic metropolitan. Perhaps Cityzen (aka СИТИЗЕН) can live in the past and the future at the same time, giving him the ability to merge vintage hardware like Moog synthesizers with futuristic house rhythms of the modern age. Armed with his sparkling glasses and affinity for the colour red, Cityzen brings to life a crossover of old and new that will become the unique sound of the next generation.

Haha! Great!
What I can dig up is that he’s from the Netherlands and this is his debut under this name. I believe some know him under the nickname “R3HAB”. One can hear it’s not the first track he’s made.

And hopefully not the last! Because this was a fun bash-fest of a track.
And with that I declare the weekend as officially started!

This track is added to our relatively new Spotify playlist “House For Clubbers“, where it shines along with other pure fun and upfront tracks aimed at club heads.
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