Harper Creek – The Same: The perfect Vocal Deep House track?

In order for a track to be selected for this blog I need to get enthusiastic about it. It can be a technically good track, do all the right things, but if it doesn’t tickle a certain subjective nerve in me, I usually let it pass.

But rarely, if ever, do one specific production inspire me to sit down and start creating a track of my own. I can dig the tracks, but I usually separate the musician in me from the music lover. Two mental departments.

That is, until now.
Here’s a track that triggered the writer in me like none before it. And the most puzzling part is that I don’t really understand why.

Harper Creek – The Same

In essence this track is what can only be described as an ultra-classic vocal deep house track.
Smooth like silk on a strippers curves, head-bopping funky guitar riffs, rock solid bass-line and a vocalist that dances around the groove of the track – never demanding too much of our attention.
I mean, it’s not like we haven’t come across this formula before. Plenty of times.

Problem is, I much prefer instrumental music, vocals usually just annoys me. Also, I like more upbeat, in your face music. Stuff that stomps.
So why did this track instantly trigger my head to start writing lyrics and arrange a new production (we’ll see if it materialise into something!)?

It’s probably the fact that each of the individual factors listed above just work so remarkably well together here. There’s no weak links in this chain! Nothing to put any finger on (except maybe for a tad too eager compression). It’s so perfectly smooth that it almost – but only almost – becomes a bit anonymous in all the flawlessness. Like a perfectly rendered 3D version of a real life object. Too perfect.

But damn it, this track is really well made. One of the best vocal based deep house tracks I’ve heard in a long time.

This track went straight into our playlist “The Deep Lounge”, where we collect all the real classy house joints into one magnificent playlist of awesomeness. You need that list in your life. Follow it today!

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