LudoWic & Moneõ – “Memory Loss”: The cyberpunked neighbourhood

Oh hello there, darkness. Please, allow me to introduce you to sir Pompous. You two will go well together.

As proven by today’s pick. A raw, dramatic and industrial atmosphere dominated by chaos and despair fills our speakers as we enter “Memory Loss” – one of the most cinematic tracks I’ve heard in a very long time:

LudoWic& Moneõ – “Memory Loss”

We need to head to the Netherlands to find LudoWic, and Moneõ is based in the UK. From what I understand this is LudoWic’s first single after the album Elka Village in 2017. And what a return!

This track is thunder and lightning. Artificially created to keep the masses at bay. This track places us straight into a cyberpunk urban affair. Gritty faces, cybernetic implants, a dark past and even darker future. Despite the grim outlook: I want to be part of it. Now.

This track is added to our Spotify playlist “After The Apocalypse” – a list that is currently very much under construction. But why not follow it already and join us as we discover more of these dark gems from the electronica outskirts?

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