Nuhna – “We Are Light”: World music goes deep

This time I want to show you a track that is rooted in deep house, but with a lot of elements pulling it towards several other genres. And the result is really quite unique!

Quite deep, slightly minimal, quite progressive, but above all it’s really groovy!
There’s a higher occurrence here of acoustic elements than usual for deep house productions, and that gives it a very unique identity.

Add some exotic vocals to this and the result becomes a kind of “world music meets deep house”?

I’m not exactly sure what I hear but I know that I love it!

This track is added to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge”, where we collect all the classy, deep and groovy house tracks of a mid- and downtempo character.

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The list has developed into something pretty damn good if we are to say so ourselves. And it expands every week!