Per Ohlson – “Fourth Wave”: Retro done good.

Thursday is a good day for throwbacks, right? So they say.

Not that this is an old track – it was released only last week, so what do I talk about? Synthwave, of course. The tracks that stays true to the sound of the eighties.

And this track here is one really fine example of synthwave. Very, very cinematic. Dramatic. And really solid oldschool through and through.

Born in the 1980s Stockholm, Per Ohlson was early on influenced by the epic acts such as A-ha, Alphaville, Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode. And, well, we can hear that. Or what do you say:

In fact it’s a good example of why we need the genre, no less. It’s not just retro – it’s really good. It’s almost so that I can see the scrolling tracker interface anno early 90s when listening to this. In fact I would not be shocked if Per indeed uses a tracker as his DAW. It would totally fit his image!

So, once again even those of us who’s dead tired of the eighties hits can safely revisit the decade of the pastel colours, Hawaii shirts and sockless shoes!

This track is an obvious addition to our “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself” Spotify playlist. A list that really is starting to be of both proper quality and length.

In fact, if you are a synth wave fan we can not come up with a single good reason not to follow the list and enjoy our discoveries as we dig them up:

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