PROMO: Atroxity – “Cult Of The Scarab”

Disclaimer: Released on Beatradar, author is the artist.

… “But what have YOU been up to lately, man!”, I hear you all ask. Screaming, begging for insight.

Or not.

But yeah, this time around I’ve not only written about one of our own label releases, as if that wasn’t biased enough. Oh no, I’ll trump that with a blog post about my own EP, released just yesterday. So, I just as well tagged this one as a PROMO in the headline right away.
At least I’m transparent about it.

Not that I’ll promote it so much with words, I just wanted to give you a chance to check it out. The EP consist of three individual tracks + one extended version of the title track. Here’s some notes on the tracks:

Cult Of The Scarab

This track I find particularly hard to genre pinpoint, since it has roots in a wide range of house genres, from tribal to progressive. Or maybe none of the above. Personally I get Yello vibes from it…

And I’m not shy of adding my own tracks to our playlists, but this track here I simply found no place for!

Trivia: This is not only the title track of this EP, but the first single from the upcoming album, planned for release in Q3 2019.

Outpost 10-3

This house track belong to the deeper side of the house pond. Personally I think the groove of the track only becomes better for each play-through.

Trivia: The title is taken from a location in the online role playing game Anarchy Online.

Yeah (It Works)

Here’s another one of those tracks where it’s really hard to pinpoint the genre. But it has a definite old-school flavour to it, that’s for sure. Mid 90s or so?

Trivia: I was very close to scrapping this track, when I just for fun played it along with the above two and discovered that it kind of fit well into the mix of those. It will only be featured on this release.

Cult Of The Scarab – extended version

Here’s the real version of this track. This is how it is supposed to sound. The short version (more radio/playlist friendly) is really just a edited down version of this one, not the opposite.

Thanks for listening!

On Monday we return to our regular schedule, discovering great new electronica from new and emerging artists that’s not me! 🙂