Singapore Proghouse: How’s that?

There’s few genres I enjoy more than progressive house. With a spark, a punch, a drive that never turns lazy. Like we have here.

You have to give it a moment before it starts to shine, though. In true, DJ-friendly fashion it starts out with a clean beat, meat are added to the bones a minute later.

Saiful Idris – Two Birds (Metaphorical Mix)

Solid bass-line, as is a necessity especially on the repetitive genres. And from there on it just progress step by step, layer by layer, all the way up to the break.

We have to head over to Singapore to find mr Idris – how cool is that! That’s a first for this blog.

One can clearly hear that Saiful has been part of the clubbing scene for a while. Starting out in the late 90s on the dance floors of Singapore’s renowned superclub, Zouk, it led him to picking up DJ-ing with a repertoire spanning from broken beats to deep house, and tribal to proghouse and trance.
Since 2014 he’s been producing his own dance tracks, hugely inspired by the sounds he fell in love with back in the early 2000’s.

And we do indeed hear a fair share of trance influences in this track, both the slightly over-eager kick drum and the sawtooth synth theme. And for this blogger that’s a danger zone. I can not stand classic trance. Yuck.

But he remains on the right side of the proghouse border and thus ensures a blog post here on Beatradar.

This little bird is added to our “Progressive Underground” playlist, where it resides with other excellent tracks from the progressive, deep side of the house pond.