Skekz – “Terminus”: An orchestral moment of melancholic beauty

Ok, so here’s a track that’s just plain gorgeous. Press play and let it enter your life, enjoy every minute of the duration:

Wasn’t it great? Melancholic, yet with hope. All is not lost. And especially the buildup of the strings towards the end… I mean, come on. This is just fantastic, isn’t it? Takes us straight to what we love about classical music.

And, yes. This is a crossover track that really dips its toes into a lot of genre ponds along the way, both of electronica and accoustic nature – to end up in the orchestral sphere somewhere.

One thought struck me suddenly. But this thought is so radical – especially coming from me – that I need to do a disclaimer right now: I’m currently sick, fever and headache and all that jazz. So I’m not really being myself nowadays. Just to be crystal clear on that.
But… In my feverish mind I’m thinking, could this track have become even better with a vocalist? A bright, strong yet tender, female vocalist?

No. I must be mad.
This work here stands on its own feet, obviously.
And it offers a travel through open landscape. For once I don’t see the post-apocalyptic, gritty urban images that I usually get no matter what you play for me. I am a single minded kid. No, this time I see green hills, flowers and trees, rural romance and… Safety. Yeah. Safety in isolation.

That’s what it did to me. What does it do for you?

This track is added to our “Beatradar Selections”, where it sits proudly along with our other selections for the blog! A massive list of everything good (according to… well… me, basically):

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