Sky Civilian – “Alone”: The pink soap bubble machine got me

By nature I really prefer the darker and more… Upfront electronica. Aggressive, punching. Some would probably describe it as “masculine”, in the stereotypical sense of the word.

Or, so I thought. Because if it’s one thing I’ve discovered while writing for this blog, it’s that I really am quite easy to charm. Annoyingly easy. Multiple examples of that in the past.

And here’s another track that really is just plain CUTE. It doesn’t check a single item on my preference list: It’s not hard hitting. It’s not dark. It’s not industrial or aggressive. It’s not punchy.

Instead it’s sweet, calm, floating, dreamy, with a kick drum that sounds like a bloody soap bubble machine – the pink model with red hearts on.

But I love it.

To find out about the artist behind the name we need to head over to the states. There we find Maggie Thornton.

After a decade of orchestral French horn playing, she spent her first humble paycheck as a music theory teaching assistant on a pocket mono-synthesizer. Using only this synth, a piano, her voice, and an 8-track recorder she produced 3 tracks that set the tone for her productions to come.
The focus was on vocal sweetness, compositional simplicity, and rich, layered analogue tones.

And, well, what can I say. She succeeds. With a good margin.

I think I’ve selected enough cute tracks by now to make a “cutie” playlist out of it. I need to do that. But in the meantime you’ll find this track on our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, along with all our other discoveries as we uncover them.

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