Sleepy Sunday: Two tracks that demands nothing from you. Perfect!

Here’s two tracks to please your fragile Sunday in a very careful, non-abrupt matter. No sudden moves – guaranteed.

Kh3rtis – The Gnome

Mild, downtempo beat. Long pads floating like waves crashing onto the shore. Quite cliche. But! Then the vocals comes in. An equally calm, lecturing voice that rise our curiosity towards the third and last segment with an electric guitar.

To be honest – and I always am – I disagree witht he mixing of this track. The guitar is too drowned in reverb, it dulls down the sound too much, resulting in a washed out audio canvas that simply is a bit too blurry. I’d wish for a bit more clarity here. Sounds like a ragged sock is pulled over the speakers.

Still, a nice and quite original chill track it is. A nice nearly four minute ride through everything pleassant and friendly.

Devon Rea – “For Now (feat. HERB)”

The next pick starts with a piano and the mandatory long pads. The beat is mixed a bit more in the forefront here – the kick actually kicks too strong through if I have to nitpick here. Sounds like the dreaded sidechain is too hard at work again.

But the atmosphere here is top notch. A saxophone and piano sets the frame of the jazzy arrangement. Never too demanding, never too creative, never too surprising. Oh no. Here we follow the predictable route – just like this kind of music should do.

Have a pleasant Sunday!

Both of these tracks were added to our “Beatradar Selections”, where all our picks are collected for your discovery pleasure.

Devon Rea’s track were also very suitable for our “Deep Lounge” playlist, a list that really have started to shine now. It’s matured into something well worth following to achieve those lounge moments of bliss.

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