Sunday Session: An IDM trip

Sunday. A day off for me, usually. But I just felt like sharing a couple of gorgeous, calm tracks that I’ve discovered lately.

And just so you are properly prepared: I’m taking you to the electronica outskirts now. Some pretty trippy sceneries are coming up.

Ready? Here we go:

Ext Sleep – “Hemis”

This track is probably the closest to ambient I’ve ever heard a track without it being ambient (I refuse to accept anything with a beat as ambient). Once the beat starts it shifts character – but the fantastic atmosphere remains. Taken from the compilation album “Pluration 1“, well worth checking out.

There’s something about the textures used here, that’s so remarkably… Cinematic. They snap and cracle and overdrive and does everything else that makes it sound worn. Old, worn, and tired. Like an organic lifeform that’s been around for a while. Extremely effective to trigger mental images.

It’s bloody great, is what it is. And very, very unique. Fantastic music. A real IDM trip.

I also want to mention that you find this artist on Bandcamp, if you want to support the artist directly. I did.

Emergency Oxygen – “To Dust All Return”

Unique is also something to be said about the next track by Tokyo-based French producer Paul Romelot AKA Emergency Oxygen.

And this track here is more than just music, it’s a full length journey through abstract post-acopalyptic chaos. A psychological travel through mind images. Your images. And when it rounds up after having massaged my mind for six minutes I just went, “whoha”. Pleased. And with a certain sensation that I have experienced something really special.

This track is taken from his debut self-entitled EP. Check it out.

I hope these two tracks did as much to your sunday as they have to mine!

These are obvious additions to our “The Electronica Outskirts” playlist. It’s not often we discover tracks worthy of this list, but when we do it’s always a celebration.

Follow it today and celebrate true creativity with us!